Wofoo Youth Network

WYN targets at primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. By engaging in activities that revolve around “Youth Development”, “Civic Education”, “National Education”, “Leadership Training” and “Social Services”, students are expected to improve their different skills, gain experience of serving the community, as well as enhance their sense of belonging to the country. All these help them lay a solid foundation for being a “responsible citizen.”

Outstanding Student Citizen Award Scheme

This is a seven-month event that aims to nurture primary and secondary school students to become “responsible citizens”. Revolving around different themes every year, training camps, experiential workshops, community visits and other activites are held to lead participants to conduct community outreach. They meet people of different ages and backgrounds; examples include people with disabilities and the elderly. In this way, students can understand more about the life and values ​​of others, reinforcing mutual understanding, respect and inclusiveness, and responsibility and care between each other. At the same time, it enhances participants’ awareness of citizenship and strengthens their understanding of core civic values, laying a solid foundation for becoming a “responsible citizen”. At the end of the project, student ambassadors will be selected to encourage them to keep practicing the good deeds and fulfilling their civic responsibilities to build a harmonious “home”.

Wofoo School-Based Funding Scheme on Whole-Person Development

Wofoo Youth Network provides a collaborative platform for educators to share and exchange ideas, as well as to organise different activity plans for students so that they would be well-equipped to be “responsible citizens”. The “Wofoo School-Based Funding Scheme on Whole-Person Development” is specially set up to encourage more than 140 primary and secondary schools to organise at least two projects on youth development, civic education, national education, leadership training or social services each year. This helps enhance students’ understanding of core values ​​like care, respect, tolerance, responsibility and integrity.

Principal Volunteer Group

Initiated by WYN’s Professional Development Committee, the Principal Volunteer Group consists of 140 principals who regaularly participate in volunteer service. Apart from establishing an exchange platform outside the campus, principals also become the role models of students as they take the initiative to care for people in need. The Principal Volunteer Group organises one to two events every year; in the past, it held “Shi Kwu Chau Rehabilitation Hospital Service Day”, “Wish Restaurant Visit Service Day” and “Home Teaching Service Project”, during which the principals visited the grassroots and lived out love.