What is the purpose of learning? To get good marks in exams? To get a high-paying job? Wofoo firmly believes that education is not confined to imparting knowledge; instilling in children positive values and attitudes is all the more important. To create a better future, we have been committed to building character in students, empowering them to overcome life challenges and promote social advancement with a proactive attitude.


• Educate students to be good citizens with moral integrity and ability

• Maintain the physical and mental health of students

• Enhance students’ understanding of our region, country, as well as our world

• Make good use of social resources and networks to improve learning conditions of the grassroots

Character Building (CB)

We are all facing an unpredictable society that has a significant impact on the values of our new generation. Character Building has thus become a crucial factor in the development of teenagers. This platform aims to promote Character Education in our society in collaboration with various sectors and parties such as school sponsoring bodies, religious groups, businesses, NGOs, scholars, as well as parents. The goal is to instil proper values in youngsters, providing them with exposure opportunities for holistic development so that they will become good citizens with care, respect, honesty, perseverance and responsibility.

W F Joseph Lee Primary School (WFJLPS)

Caring and serving the community is always the mission of W F Joseph Lee Primary School. Our school encourages community engagement which fosters both academic and character development of students. We co-share the resources from the community to provide comprehensive and diversified learning experience for students; at the same time, we cooperate with other organisations to make full use of our resources and networks to cultivate talents and contribute to the community.


Collaborative Platforms

Education 2.1 Big Education Platform

Facing challenges of the future society, a traditional classroom is not enough to fulfill all the needs of student development. On the other hand, there is a significant difference among schools in their capacity for providing extra curriculum because of school resources and social networks. Schools with large number of grassroots students particularly need our help to mobilise resources from various sectors, so that they would be able to offer students more experiential learning opportunities and create better conditions for cultivating their comprehensive literacy.

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