Exercises and sports are crucial not only to body health but also to character building. No matter whether it is team sport or individual sport, attributes like respect, perseverance and responsibility are vital. Wofoo has been supporting sports development in Hong Kong; with an emphasis on local football, we hope that a wide variety of people including youngsters, women footballers and the homeless can reach their full potential at the sports ground and make their life shine.


• Motivate the general public to play sports

• Foster local sports development

• Implement character education using sports

• Help people to establish a unique self concept through sports

WSE Football team

The club is established to serve people who are passionate about football. The sports requires team spirit, and players are expected to have a positive attitude and confidence to overcome challenges ahead. We strongly believe that promoting the football game can assist young people in buidling moral competence as well, so that they would become responsible citizens contributing back to the society.


Women's Football


Our Chairman, Dr. Joseph Lee, has always been an active promoter of local football development. His wife, Mrs. Josephine Lee, has also devoted herself to aiding women footballers. Apart from supporting TPFC Women’s Team in 2014, she also established the Wofoo Social Enterprise Women’s Team in the same year, which has joined the Hong Kong Women League. Since 2015, Mrs. Lee has also been supporting the Hong Kong Women’s National Football Team, serving as the honorary team leader. In 2020, she was invited to be a member of the Women’s Football Sub-committee.

Youth Football

In terms of promoting football among teenagers in Hong Kong, Wofoo has been organising the N League “Hong Kong Jockey Club North District Secondary School Girls Sevens Football League” since 2015, as well as holding football matches “Wofoo Cup” in various districts for primary and secondary school students. To record how life-changing the sports is, Wofoo published two books as well, namely “Football Can Realise Dreams” and “Football Lives”.


Homeless World Cup

Our Chairman, Dr. Joseph Lee, has been supporting the Homeless World Cup since 2006 to promote sports rehabilitation therapy. With an emphasis on embracing street sleepers and rehabilitated persons, fundraising competitions have been held to enable them to compete as the “Hong Kong team” for World Championships.