Upholding the belief of “Harmony brings a family prosperity, cohesion makes a nation wealthy”, we discharge the responsibilities of a corporate citizen and give back to society to build a harmonious and better Hong Kong.
Dr Joseph Lee, GBS, OStJ, JP

Dr Joseph Lee, GBS, OStJ, JP

Message From the President

Founded in 1997, Wofoo Social Enterprises is a collaborative platform that provides a wide range of services. Wofoo is committed to cooperating with the government, business sector, academia, social groups and people from various walks of life, so that resources can be pooled to offer high-quality and up-to-date social services. Our projects emphasise both innovative ideas and sustainable development, as well as aim to strengthen the general public’s commitment and contribution to the society.

Moveover, Wofoo has always placed the needs of people from different sectors at the forefront of our endeavours. Our scope of services seven core areas, namely: Health and Wellness, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, Social Advocacy and Entrepreneurship, Family Engagement, Education, Youth Development, and Sports. Over the past two decades, we have established various work units to proactively provide diversified and innovative aid and activities for people in need. Our services have brought benefits to different groups, including the elderly, teenagers, schools and local communities.

In recent years, we have actively promoting Character Education and the concept of “Creating Shared Values” through different platforms and programmes. In the future, we aspire to gather more organizations and individuals to continue the development of multi-faceted social services. Upholding the belief of “Harmony brings a family prosperity, cohesion makes a nation wealthy”, we discharge the responsibilities of a corporate citizen and give back to society in a bid to build a harmonious and better Hong Kong.


Constructing a caring, tolerant and respectful society, reflects the spirit of ” Harmony brings a family prosperity, cohesion makes a nation wealthy”.


1. People-oriented approach: Nurture the next generation to become “responsible citizens”
2. Take the initiative to innovate: Keep innovating and drive social services to advance with the times
3. Unite different sectors: Gather social resources and improve the effectiveness of social services
4. Promote harmony and care: respect the spirit of care, tolerance and mutual respect



To know and appreciate the values of oneself and of others, and to accept the uniqueness of and different choices made by other people


To be responsible in one’s role and try one’s best


To be and act in a righteous, fair and honest manner, and to do what one claims


To understand the difficult situations of other people. To care for one’s family, those who need help in the community, the socially vulnerable groups and the environment
People-oriented approach

In 1996, Dr. Lee took the first step in the development of Wofoo Social Enterprises (WSE) by setting up Grace Nursing Home. From that point on, the service scope of WSE has gradually expanded to youth development, education and community services. In 1998, The Warehouse Teenage Club became one of the affiliates of Wofoo Social Enterprises, aiming to encourage teenagers to develop creativity and becoming their second home. Since 2002, Wofoo has been committed to nurturing the next generations by establishing the first primary school under the Direct Subsidy Scheme in the New Territories – W F Joseph Lee Primary School. Apart from donating, sponsoring, and promoting diversified community services, Wofoo is also an advocate of social policies. Over the years, we have been exploring, studying and brainstorming people-oriented and forward-looking policy suggestions, hoping to serve as public reference for building a better society.

Take the initiative to innovate

In the foreseeable future, Wofoo Social Enterprises will keep discharging the responsibilities of  a corporate citizen, seeking more advanced development of social services. We endeavour to coordinate various social service units, so that they collaborate with one another to share resources and create synergy. Apart from this, we strive to build and consolidate support network with various fields not only to facilitate communication but also to call on more individuals and parties to join hands with us to promote the belief of “Harmony brings a family prosperity, cohesion makes a nation wealthy” that leads to a better society.

Social Advocacy & Entrepreneurship
Unite different sectors

Dr. Joseph Lee strongly believes that each organisation has its own mission to serve the community by different means, and the key to achieve that is on how one can create synergy. It is his strong belief that CO-SHARING, CO-CREATION and CO-WORKING can pool resources from different sectors, increase connections and beneficiaries, as well as foster direct and close collaboration with the government and other commercial organisations. These in turn strengthen the effectiveness of various projects and serve more people in need, benefiting the society on a wider scope.

Promote harmony and care

As a social industrialist, Dr. Lee regards giving back to the society as a duty, constantly motivating himself, and promotes harmony and care to his family, work partners, friends and all walks of life. As we affect one another individually, together we achieve so much more. We hope that more citizens will contribute their strength and work together to build a mutually harmonious and caring society in which the benefactors and beneficiaries can experience together.

Development Timeline

Grace Nursing Home was founded, the first step of its social service
Wofoo Foundation was founded
The Warehouse Teenage Club became one of the affiliates of Wofoo Social Enterprises
Wofoo Social Enterprises was established
The 1st Wofoo Millennium Entrepreneurship Programme was held
W F Joseph Lee Primary School was founded
Grace Nursing Home (Tak Tin) and Chinese Youth Exchange Centre were founded
Title sponsorship of Tai Po Football Club; Wofoo Leaders’ Network was established
Wofoo Youth Network was established
The 1st Hong Kong Water Race was held and the CHILD Project was initiated
Wofoo Community Service Network was set up
HK.WeCARE was established
“Hong Kong Shared Good Values” and “Hands on Family” were established, and Character Education project was initiated
“S. Living” Project was initiated, and Rotary Club of Harmony and Prosperity Hong Kong was founded
“SITE” was established
Healthcare Impact Circle and Hong Kong SDG Hub were set up
Wellness Hub was set up

Our Structure

Wofoo Social Enterprises Service Units

Grace Healthcare Ltd.

The Warehouse Teenage Club

Chinese Youth Exchange Centre

W F Joseph Lee Primary School


Wofoo Leaders’ Network

Wofoo Youth Network

Wofoo Community Service Network

Hong Kong Youth Institute

Hong Kong Share Good Value

Our Partners

Joint Committee for the Promotion of The Basic Law of Hong Kong