S. Living

Overconsumption is a widespread problem in today’s society. While it might bring short-term satisfaction to people, such behaviour has actually outpaced the sustainable capacity of our ecosystem. As a result, S. Living Platform is set up by Wofoo Social Enterprises to motivate individuals and families to adopt a simple lifestyle. Initiatives include green tours, workshops and different educational campaigns.

S. Living School Program

We believe that educating kids about simple living and environmental protection is beneficial to the living quality of their entire family. Therefore, “S. Living School Program” has been launched to arrange upcycling workshops and green tours for upper primary school students. Through a variety of educational activities, there have been over 30 primary schools and 600 students grasped the basic understanding of simple living.

S. Living @ Happy Family

Overconsumption not only adversely affects our environment but may also worsen family relationships. Hence, Wofoo Social Enterprises co-organises the one-year programme “S.Living@Happy Family” with Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation to boost the concept of simple living. It holds a wide range of activities in respect of clothing, food, living and travel, encouraging participants to adopt a simple and sustainable lifestyle that reduces environmental impact as well as strengthens family connectedness.
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