ART FOR GOD : ARTWORKS AND SPIRITUAL REFLECTIONS Rev. Father Joseph Tham L.C (Bilingual version)

‘Harmony’ is at the heart of Chinese civilization, also the motto of Wofoo Social Enterprises.
Placing his artworks within the context of the ancient Chinese philosophy of ‘Heaven, Earth, Man and Harmony’, Father Tham has used his tremendous skill and grace with Chinese brush painting and calligraphy to describe the essence of his subject matter – the glory and the mystery of God.
It is a unique book which breaks new ground and inspires the reader to look at Chinese art with a dierent appreciation.

Author : Rev. Father Joseph Tham L.C
Publisher :Wofoo Foundation / JF Publishing
Publishing Date :Dec 2021
Price :HKD$300
Retail location :[WSE] / [JF Publishing]

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