The Warehouse Teenage Club

The Warehouse Teenage Club (Warehouse) is located at Old Aberdeen Police Station, a Grade II Historic Building. As a registered charitable non-profit organisation founded by Prof. Frank White from the University of Hong Kong in 1995, the Warehouse aims to provide a safe environment for youngsters to unleash their creativity and talents. The Warehouse organises different programmes of arts and cultural heritage conservation, and is one of the first non-profit-making youth organisations that provides Makerspace in Hong Kong. The Warehouse Makerspace is a community co-working space that gathers young creative talents ranging from 16 to 29 years old to initiate a wide range of maker projects to children and teenagers.

Art & Culture

Art is a way of expressing emotions and beliefs of oneself. During the creation process, everyone shares their personal reflection, experience and observation through different art forms, constructing significance and meanings for their artworks. The Warehouse Teenage Club is devoted to promoting arts and culture among youngsters in Hong Kong, such as collaborating with them regarding art creation, presentation and exchange. We also support them to develop an art career, as well as encourage them to explore and care about themselves, others, the society and the world. We are eager to connect different communities through arts and culture so that we can build stronger bonding and discover more possibilities for our society!


“Making Makers” generally refers to DIY lovers in the Internet era. They are open-minded, and are willing to share and learn “making” knowledge on social media platforms. In the digital age, the Internet has offered innovative learning opportunities for young people to explore videos of “Making with Technology” and “Making with Craft”, through which they also make friends and acquire skills of hand-making exquisite, high-priced and creative pieces. As “making”, “maker” and STEM have gained popularity among young people, the Warehouse has organised a wide range of making activities, e.g. based on the “Maker Movement” in Europe, the U.S. and Taiwan, the Warehouse has founded in 2016 a co-sharing community “Makerspace”. It is equipped with basic making tools and facilities for processing wood, metals, electronics, plastics and digital fabrication. As one of the earliest non-profit local youth organisations operating a makerspace, the Warehouse reinforces the latest trend in the making industry and culture, serving as a platform for young makers to expand their capacity.

Heritage Conservation

Heritage witnesses historical development. Heritage conservation preserves the cultural significance and humanistic values of a city. In addition to personal development, the Warehouse strives to build the bonding between youngsters and the society through heritage conservation. Young people are encouraged to enhance their sense of belonging and responsibility towards our society. Situated in a historical building in the Southern District, the Warehouse not only offers opportunities for young people to learn about heritage within their neighbourhood, but also encourages them to appreciate and protect the precious culture of Hong Kong.