Wofoo Foundation Character Building Field Study Report (English only)

This report provides an overview of the research activities, the major findings, and conclusions drawn from a Character Building Field Study conducted by the Wofoo Foundation Limited (referred to as Wofoo hereafter) Character Building Research Team in Hong Kong.
The purpose of the research is to identify some good practices of Character Building  in order to construct a model that delineates effective strategies, which help schools adopt relevant processes to substantiate and sustain success.

Author : Yeung, A. S., Chow, A. P. Y., Ng, S. W., Wong, S. C. K.,
Chan, K. T. M., Tang, P. S. H., Yip, K. K. Y., Chan, S. K. M.,
Man, K. O., Wong, E. K. P., & Pennington, R 
Publisher:Wofoo Foundation  
Publishing Date:Aug 2020
Retail Price:For Free
Retail Location:[WSE]

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